General Profile

The Association

IfB is an association of engineers and scientists of different background and specialization for the execution of engineering-, research-, consulting and management services.


Specialized Teams

for each Individual Project

As the continuous advance in technology asks for specialization to cope with the work required for optimized design and processes, it is obvious that no individual company will hardly have the expertise for each one of the specialized fields among its employees. Therefore IfB selected this special form of an engineering association for its organization, where out of an existing pool of expertise working groups will be formed for each special task.


IfB offers services for the entire spectrum of the mining industry and its related fields.

The range of services is based on a broad and long-standing experience in

the engineering and consulting business worldwide.


Due to its form of organization it is the superior aim of IfB to form special working groups which exactly meet the requirements for the individual projects.


Combining International and Local Expertise

Wherever possible, we try to combine international and local expertise to ensure the most effective planning and execution of the works.


Worldwide Activities

Based on more than 20 years of experience in the consulting field for natural resources in Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas extensive know-how and experience has been accumulated to serve the industry worldwide.


Besides the cooperating experts and individuals IfB has built up a worldwide network of co-operating companies and offices.