Examples of Activities


Lecturing                    RWTH Aachen, Germany

                                      Subject:      - Surface Mining in Hard Rock Formations    

                                                           - Detailed Mine Planning


                                      University of Zimbabwe, Harare, Zimbabwe

                                      Subject:      - Surface Mining Machinery

                                                           - Drilling and Blasting in Mining and Civil Engrg.



Research Projects  

-          cross pit spreader systems vs. strip mining

-          light weight hydraulic roof support with high bearing


-          modular light weight roof bars for underground coal mines

-          new mining method for an underground potassium mine

-          method for feeding a crusher directly from 25 m height in

                                          a limestone quarry

-          ultra fine grinding of marble and limestone

-          methods for improved fire fighting on underground coal seam fires in China



Mine Planning           Sauerländische Kalkindustrie, Messinghausen, Germany

                                      (rehabilitation of a limestone quarry)


                                      Rheinische Kalksteinwerke Wülfrath, Germany

                                      (detailed mine planning and infrastructural design)


                                      Dolet Hills and Castor Bayou Lignite Mines, Lo., USA

                                      (lifetime planning for two new lignite mines with a combination of strip mining and bucket wheel pre-stripping system)


                                      Unong Open Cast Coal Mine, Semirara, Philppines

                                      (detailed mine planning, underground and surface water management)


                                      Mine planning for numerous limestone quarries for the change to in-pit crushing systems in Germany, Philippines and Thailand on behalf of Halbach & Braun Maschinenfabrik


                                      Cobre Las Cruces, Spain

                                      Mine planning as core part of the feasibility study for the Cobre Las Cruces Copper deposit in Seville, Spain


                                      Zangezur Copper Molybdenum Combine, Armenia

                                      Production and mine planning for the extension of the mining permit


                                      Stability assessment of a tailings dam in Armenia


                                      Development and preparation of an action plan to extinguish major underground coal seam fires in the surface lignite mines of the Kosovo


Feasibility Studies   Iguig, Philippines

                                      Mine planning and feasibility study for an integrated surface lignite mine and mine mouth power plant


                                      P. T. Borneo Indobara, Indonesia

                                      Mine planning and infrastructure design for a surface coal mine in south Kalimantan



Training                      Zhungeer Coal Industry Co., Inner Mongolia, PR China

-     evaluation and structuring of a training program for the Chinese surface coal mining industry on improved productivity with continuous mining equipment (bucket wheel excavators, belt conveyors and spreaders)


-     Introduction of advanced information technology into the mining sector of Armenia



Projects                      Outside Dump of Amsdorf Lignite Mine, Germany

-     research, test runs and cost calculation for the revegetation of a non-fertile tertiary soil


                                      Masia Bach, Spain

-     revegetation and stabilization of steep permanent slopes following extensive earth moving operations during the construction phase at the Masia Bach Golf Course



Mine Management   Open Cast Lignite Mine Neurath Nordfeld, Germany

-     small lignite mine in the Rhenish Lignite Area with three bucket wheel excavators


                                      Open cast Lignite Mine Gruhlwerk II, Germany

-     residual lignite pillar, worked by one bucket wheel excavator; sophisticated contouring of the waste dump area for future landscaping as recreational park


                                      Open Cast Coal Mine Unong, Semirara, Philippines

-     first mine in SE Asia using the German Mining Technology with four bucket wheel excavators, belt conveyors and one spreader; one of the challenging tasks was to operate this mine in a tropical climate and in the close vicinity to the open sea



Project Development

                                      River Bank Mining, Zimbabwe

-     establishment of a system to legalize the river bank mining in Zimbabwe under consideration of socio-economic conditions


Infrastructure            Design for the infrastructure of a new coal mine in Indonesia, consisting of a main haul road, a washing plant, blending bed and ship loader, tender preparation


Dimension Stone     Consulting for numerous companies in Zimbabwe, Turkey, India and the Philippines on production, processing and marketing of dimension stone and dimension stone products